Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cuba commits to ports modernisation undertaking

Cuba commits to ports modernisation undertaking
08 Dec 2009

The expansion of the Panama Canal has prompted Cuba to fund the
expansion and modernisation of its three main ports in collaboration
with China and Venezuela.

Dredging will deepen draught in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago, which
handle 80% of the islands international maritime traffic. Much of the
work will be bankrolled by China and also by a joint venture company
known as Alba.
No major dredging work has been undertaken at these ports for at least
30 years, and the available draught has suffered as a result. This, and
other reasons, has hit volumes which have shrunk from 12m tonnes in 1982
to around 3m tonnes today. Havana, for its part, handles no more than
700,000 tonnes annually, despite having a capacity of 1.2m tonnes. It
will have its quayside infrastructure upgraded and four of its seven
cranes modernised. Plans are also afoot to build Mariel Port to the west
of the capital using $300m of Brazilian finance, which would pay for 50%
of the price.

Port Strategy: Cuba commits to ports modernisation undertaking (8
December 2009)

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