Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cuba Venezuela fund coca leaves manufacturing

Caracas, martes 23 de mayo, 2006

Cuba, Venezuela fund coca leaves manufacturing

Bolivia expects to implement a project to industrialize coca leaves
based on a contribution amounting to USD 1 million announced by Cuba and
Venezuela, Bolivian Vice-Minister of Coca and Comprehensive Development
Félix Barra told the local media.

"Good news regarding industrialization. We met with a commission from
Venezuela and Cuba. Both of them will provide about USD 1 million,"
Barra explained, as disclosed Tuesday by daily newspaper La Prensa.

A factory is to be built in the central, tropical area of Cochabamba to
get coca flour. Additionally, two facilities will be built to produce
tea in the towns of Chulumani and Coripata, La Paz region.

Barra did not confirm the amount of raw materials needed by arguing that
it is being discussed.

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